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Regarde Le Ciel

Regarde le Ciel create a craftsmanship based on correctly elaborated and processed materials. We purchase natural leather without finishing and work the leather with environmentally friendly methods. These methods were previously used in Italy. The essence of our Regarde Le Ciel shoes is in the carefully selected leathers.

The founder, Filip Rasschaert, buys the leathers himself from local markets, no matter the distance or location - Africa, Europe, and Asia. The touch, color, transparency and the grain of a leather are key. These characteristics make for a good leather.

Polishing. Glove is Regarde Le Ciel’s iconic leather. A natural leather that react to the treatments, heat and brushing done in our factories. The treatment procedure enhances the color, the texture and the also the final shine of the products. Such process will last in time, to ensure its beauty over time.